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Welcome to Show-Me Bulldogs! Since 1998, we have been in the business of breeding and showing high-quality, healthy and excellent English bulldogs. We are a breeder specializing in breeding champion bulldogs in the St. Louis, Missouri area, and meaning we are only a few hours’ drive from many other cities, including Springfield, Memphis, Little Rock, Cape Girardeau and Jonesboro, making it convenient and easy for you to pick up your new family member. If you are looking for a champion-pedigreed bulldog to show or become the perfect companion for your family, we have the dog for you!

At Show-Me Bulldogs, we live and breathe bulldogs, and we are dedicated to preserving the English bulldog breed and integrity. Our English bulldogs are selectively bred to help eliminate genetic defects; we do not sacrifice the health of our dogs for other qualities, but rather we breed for health AND conformation. We understand that you are not only bringing a pet into your home, but are adding a member to your family, and we know it’s important to you and your family that your new family member is healthy and happy. Owning an animal that has health problems can be both expensive and heartbreaking, and we do our best to eliminate as many defects as we can. All of our English bulldogs for sale have a written health guarantee to ensure your friendship is enjoyed for many years.

English bulldogs are the only breed that we offer, which allows us to focus all of our efforts and attention on showing and breeding the very best champions. Whether you’re looking for a dog that will perform well in the show ring or one that will be content to cuddle up at home with you, bulldogs are a perfect match for many people. The bulldog has an incredibly equable and kind disposition, making them a great choice for families with children. Bulldogs have a wide variety of desirable traits, and we use selective breeding to bring out these wonderful traits.

Stout, demure and dignified, bulldogs are one of the best and most desirable breeds out there. Despite their downturned faces, Bulldogs are one of the most amiable and sensitive breeds. They are tenacious and sweet-tempered, and they respond well to patient and persistent training. Our champion English bulldog puppies are frisky, but as they grow older they become much quieter and even-tempered, making them excellent house dogs, show champions and companions. They also have an exceptional ability to remember what they learn, which is great for both the home or for show. Our bulldogs make for wonderful family pets, and while our main focus is breeding bulldogs to find the next show prospect that will be extremely competitive in the show ring, our pups are sure to be well-loved companions as part of your family. Even if your pup isn’t a show champion, your new pet could look just like his or her sibling who goes on to be the next show champ.

There are a lot of places where one can purchase a dog, but not all places are going to give you the same quality for your dollar, especially when it comes to pure-bred dogs. When looking for your future show dog, it’s imperative that you choose a reputable breeder with a track record of success. As Hall of Fame breeders, we’ve raised roughly 20 champion pups, and continue to add to that number each year. Our highest accomplishment was being awarded the 2008 Best in Specialty Show award at the BCA National Specialty with our bulldog, Babe, who bested more than 400 other dogs to take top honors.

Buying a puppy from a pet store or a puppy mill is extremely risky. With people trying to make a fast buck with no breeding knowledge or passion for what they do, there is no guarantee on what kind of animal you are bringing home. You could be given a breed with mixed lineage, or even one that has serious health defects. Sometimes the breeder will even attempt to scam you and will lie to you about what dog you’re bringing home, while other times the breeder simply doesn’t know what the health or true parentage of their puppies is. Some breeders will attempt to sell you “mini” or “rare” color bulldogs, which may sound amazing at first glance, but in reality, these dogs do not conform to the standard and are generally considered highly undesirable, leaving you out of some money, out of a potential champion in the show ring, and, in the worst case scenario, prematurely losing a new family member.

At Show-Me Bulldogs, on the other hand, we are very hands on and selective on the dogs we choose to breed our champion bulldogs with. All of our bloodlines are documented champion bulldogs with detailed family histories that allow us to maintain our high standards of breeding. We are very up front and knowledgeable about our dogs, giving you the peace of mind that your puppy is as healthy and as pure-bred as can be.

Throughout the almost 20 years that we have been offering champion English bulldogs for sale, we have accumulated an array of certifications, awards, and recognitions for our champion bulldogs. We are members of the Bulldog Club of America, and many of our dogs have done us proud – both for us and for our customers – and many of our future pups will do so as well. Many of our dogs have won or placed in their class at the National Specialty show. Simply put, we breed champions – plain and simple – and our current litters and future ones to come are no exception.

When it comes to the puppies we breed, we give our hearts and souls to the babies to make sure they’re well-socialized before moving on to their forever home. We only breed a few litters every year, thus ensuring that we can give each puppy the proper attention, love and care that they need to become happy and healthy dogs. They are bred and hand-raised with love and compassion, making the transition into your family smooth and easy. Going to the pound to find a puppy can be tricky and you don’t always know what you are getting or what kind of health or temperament problems the dog may have. Our puppies, on the other hand, are lovable, come from a great background, and come with a health guarantee.

We have champion English bulldog puppies available for sale now, and we are constantly updating our site with the latest puppies available and details on competitions that our English bulldogs have entered. We look forward to hearing from you and making one of our family members an addition to your family!

To learn more about our available champion English bulldog puppies for sale, give us a call today at 573-429-2866.